This directory contains various presentation files related to Framsticks development and experiments.
You may find these files and slides useful when preparing your own presentation. See also publications.

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evol_phenomena.pdf235.33 KB
exp_emergence.pdf392.11 KB
exp_fuzzy.pdf229.93 KB
exp_gencompare.pdf406.05 KB
exp_VEye.pdf682.75 KB
expdefs.pdf193.22 KB
foraminifera-genotype-phenotype-ecosystem.pdf14.06 MB
foraminifera_fF.pdf1.59 MB
general.pdf7.53 MB
model_and_genetics.pdf1.12 MB
sz_how-to.pdf1.01 MB
sz_scripting.pdf4.25 MB
sz_simulation.pdf892.48 KB
timing.pdf457.76 KB
visualization.pdf319.63 KB
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