Installation: If you downloaded a program (EXE file), just run it. If you downloaded an archive (ZIP file), unpack it to a dedicated directory. If you downloaded a JAVA program, run it by double-clicking, or by issuing the java -jar filename.jar command.

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Framsticks applications in a nutshell

The simulator with a simple interface and attractive 3D visualization, for all platforms.
It includes a number of illustrative shows and can serve as the genotype viewer. Read more...
Artificial Life:
An application that lets you get acquainted with various Artificial Life concepts. It is based on the Framsticks engine and has a simple user interface suitable for mobile devices (phones, tablets, TVs, Android, iOS, etc.).
Windows GUI:
The simulator with a powerful graphical user interface (GUI) for Windows.
CLI (command-line interface):
For advanced users and all platforms.
Includes the server.

Downloadable packages (version 4.3)

As we are approaching the release of version 5.0 this year, it is now recommended to install (just unpack/unzip) the newest version (release candidate) from here.

  • Python integration – read here.

Read Framsticks license agreement. By installing Framsticks you agree to the terms of this agreement.

Other Framsticks applications

Program Platform
Release date
File type, notes Download


FRamsticks EDitor. Lets you design creatures in a friendly way.

All platforms, requires JAVA (at least 1.4)


January 2005

See other Fred resources for software developers.

[download], 470 KB

Framsticks network client user interfaces For JAVA. Open-source. See available clients.

Brain optimizer

Adjusts weights and/or neuron properties to meet the desired signal characteristics.

Prototype applications, provided for developers and advanced users. Not documented.

All platforms, requires JAVA (at least 1.4)



May 2004
Open-source. for JAVA

for C# .NET


File Type and size Download
Framsticks Manual PDF file, 4.5 MB pdf manual
Files with interesting/example creatures (some created, some evolved, some created and then evolved). Plus another experiment definitions. Small .gen or .expdef files Visit Experimentation Center
Configuration files for editors, make script editing easier by highlighting FramScript syntax Small .zip file download


Developmental executables can be found here.

The information for and about developers is available here.