3D simulation and evolution 
FRAMSTICKS. Artificial Life

by Maciej Komosinski and Szymon Ulatowski

Movies: underwater dance, pursuit, fights
Pictures with various themes
3D realtime display styles
Evolved: "Hopping Spiders"

Framsticks is a three-dimensional life simulation project. Both mechanical structures ("bodies") and control systems ("brains") of creatures are modeled. It is possible to design various kinds of experiments, including simple optimization (by evolutionary algorithms), coevolution, open-ended and spontaneous evolution, distinct gene pools and populations, diverse genotype-phenotype mappings, and modeling of species and ecosystems.

You are welcome to try Framsticks! Users of this software work on evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, neural networks, biology, robotics and simulation, cognitive science, neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, virtual reality, graphics, and art. The system can be interesting for experimenters who would like to evolve their own artificial creatures and see them in a three-dimensional, virtual world. You can also manually design and test creatures. This software is a versatile tool for research and education.

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