Default visualization rules 

You can render your own scenes, animations and videos using POV-Ray. If you want to precisely adjust camera location and movement, use this script.

A fragment of an organism not particularly specialized (assimilation, ingestion, stamina, friction are low; a weak muscle)

A stick specialized in assimilation

A stick ending specialized in ingestion

A very strong stick (important when collisions with other creatures' sticks take place)

A stick ending with high friction – good for pushing back

A slippery stick ending (low friction, slides, skids)

A very strong muscle, can cause fast moving (bending, rotation) of sticks

G receptor: gyroscope (equilibrium sense). Tells what is the position (placement) of the stick

T receptor: touch. Detects the distance from the surface and the force of pressure

S receptor: smell. Detects energy sources (energy balls, other creatures)

Food (energy ball) which creatures can ingest