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Here you can download useful tools for your own Framsticks development and take a look at what is going on in Framsticks at the moment.

If you want to join Framsticks Developers Team, send us email (support at framsticks). There is also a forum for developers.


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About Framsticks

The Framsticks project was started in late 1996 by Maciej Komosinski and Szymon Ulatowski. After they graduated from Poznan University of Technology, MK continues research work in PUT, while SzU is a software developer. In 1999, Adam Rotaru joined the team to design the f4 developmental genotype representation. In 2003, a student team developed Fred (FRamsticks visual EDitor), and Michal Wroblewski implemented FEC (Framsticks Experimentation Center). In 2008, we moved to a new server, new web address, CMS-based site, and imported good old news into forums. During all these years, other people were involved in various aspects of the Framsticks project, including good advice, server maintenance, programming, translation, etc. Our thanks go to Bill Crandall who supported the development of the Framsticks Tutorial.