Framsticks SDK (Software Development Kit) is a source code and tools that allow the creation of applications using parts of the Framsticks logic. In particular, the SDK provides source code related to genetic operations within the Framsticks system, but it also contains all the classes needed to describe an organism model (body, neural network, receptors and effectors), to manipulate such structures, estimate similarity, calculate geometric properties, etc. The source code is portable.

Framsticks SDK is released under the LGPL license and lets you also develop genetic converters from your own proposed representation to the basic Framsticks genetic representation format, f0. After doing so, your code can be compiled with Framsticks and you can design creatures using your way of describing them. If you add genetic operators working on your 'format' (see GenoOperators), evolution will work on your genetic representation!

Moreover, this source and documentation demonstrates the use of available Framsticks classes and methods. It also provides the official documentation on the f0 genotype format. SDK is an important part of the Framsticks system, providing fundamental information to all advanced users and developers.

A few precompiled parts of the SDK can be found in the Developer files area.

Sources are available in the SVN repository; you can also browse our Trac.