The successor of Fred is Creature editor (sources here).

Fred is a visual Framsticks Editor. It allows for easy designing of virtual creatures, their bodies and brains. It is free, open-source, written in JAVA, and thus available for all platforms. A part of Fred is Favi, which is a Framsticks Viewer used in the FEC (Framsticks Experimentation Center) database for previewing genotypes.

If you are an experienced JAVA developer, contribute to Fred development! Here are Fred and Favi resources (version 2.1):

FRED is a part of Framsticks project. Framsticks is three-dimensional life simulation project. The objective of Framsticks is to study evolution of artificial creatures in a computer-simulated world.

Nowadays Framsticks users can create or edit creatures only in a text editor. There is a growing need for these users to have a graphical editor. Such an application should give a possiblity to create new or modify existing creatures in an user-friendly way.

FRED will be a standalone program, which allows user to create organism without deeper knowledge of the genotype description language.
Editing the organism will include both physical structure (body) and neural network (brain) design.
Application should have ability to load Framsticks genotype files, present and edit organisms they describe, and save them in the same file format.
It is desirable for the program to have an ability to cooperate with existing parts of Framsticks, i.e. genotype evaluator, possibly through the Internet.

Integral part of FRED project will be a simple viewer FAVI, implemented as an applet which gives user only 3D view of particular organism described by the given genotype. FAVI will be useful when there are not Framsticks or FRED available at the moment and user wants to get at least schematic review of creature.

Both programs should be platform independent, so proposed technology is Java. The idea of the user interface will be similiar to the ones used in CAD applications or 3D modellers, i.e. 3D Studio.