GenoOperators is a part of SDK that is responsible for genetic operations. The GenoOperators class is a base class for genetic operations on genotypes of some genetic format. SDK supports conversion to the f0 format, and GenoOperators supports genetic manipulation on genotypes.

When designing your genetic representation, inherit your class (for example GenoOper_fMy) from GenoOperators. Define some methods, like mutate and check in your class, to allow for evolution. All the methods you might define are:

  • check
  • validate
  • mutate
  • crossOver
  • getSimplest
  • style

To compile your code, you will need SDK. For a full-fledged example of GenoOper_f4 derived from GenoOperators, refer to the available source on developmental encoding and the f4 genotype format. A simpler (yet still working and useful) example is GenoOper_f9. Full sources are available and you can see both f4 and f9 in action in all Framsticks apps. More information about genetics is available here.