Solids Converter 

This tool can convert solid objects from 3D Studio to the Framsticks f0 genetic encoding. See converted samples.

You can download maxscript file.


  • Simply copy downloaded file to 3DSMAX_ROOT/Scripts/Startup directory


  • From right panel select utilities tab
  • Press MAXScript button
  • Select SolidsConverter from list. Your panel should look like this:


  • Select 3D object and convert it to Editable Poly. You can do it by right-clicking on selected object and choosing Convert to->Convert to Editable Poly. Your menu should look like:


  • After mesh is converted and selectd press Export button from SolidsConverter group


  • Exported mesh should be small. You can use Optimizer modifier from modifier menu to decrease mesh size.
  • Only one mesh can be exported at a time, so remember to join multi-mesh objects into one mesh before exporting. You can do it selecting Connect button from Create->Geometry->Compound Objects->Connect

Images of converted examples:

scorpion.png scorpionF0.png

stairs.png stairsF0.png

skull.png skullF0.png