Various movies 

You will find new videos on the Framsticks youtube channel.

You can render your own scenes, animations and movies using POV-Ray. If you want to precisely adjust camera location and movement, use this script.

A short animation demonstrating dying planktonic Foraminifera raining down on the sea floor.

Video for off-line use:
30 MB.

Underwater creatures seeking food and each other. Energy sources are detected with smell receptors (shown as orange rings). When another organism appears nearby, it "smells" just like energy, so it becomes the origin of interest.

Video for off-line use (duration 2:04):
high quality 85 MB or very low quality 8.3 MB or low quality 26 MB.

Various creatures (mostly created manually) encoded in genotype format f1.

Video for download (duration 1:10):
4.4 MB or higher quality: 26 MB.

Land creatures seeking food and each other, attacking and fighting! The creatures seek energy and other organisms using smell receptors (shown as orange rings). In case of collision the weaker creature is broken and can die.

Video for download (duration 1:31):
6.6 MB or higher quality: 20 MB.

"Food finder 4 leg". A land creature seeking food using smell receptors.

Video for download (duration 0:44):
2.7 MB or higher quality: 7.8 MB.

"Food finder". A land creature seeking food using smell receptors.

Movie (duration 1:27):
2.9 MB or higher quality: 11 MB.

Underwater movie featuring "simple little swimmer".

Movie (duration 0:09): 192 kB.

"Antelope" attacks "Spider". The broken "Spider" becomes energy/food source.

Movie (duration 0:18):
779 kB or high quality: 1.8 MB.

Three "Jellyfish" in water.

Movie (duration 0:18):
583 kB or high quality: 2.1 MB.

"Basic Quadruped" and "Walking Lizard" run to the swimming pool. The "Lizard" pushes the "Quadruped".

Movie (duration 0:31):
1.2 MB or high quality: 3.8 MB.

"Centipede" goes to swim.

Movie (duration 0:24):
1.3 MB or high quality: 3.3 MB.

Framsticks demo movie (#1)

Movie (duration 0:16): 966 kB.

Framsticks demo movie (#2)

Movie (duration 0:29): 1.6 MB.

Framsticks as robots made of blocks. Collision!

Movie (duration 1:08):
7.4 MB or high quality: 23 MB.

A movie from Framsticks' ancient planet, their usual environment...

Movie (duration 0:38): 6.2 MB.

A movie showing framsticks built from chestnuts and matches

Movie (duration 1:53): 28 MB.