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You can render your own scenes, animations and movies using POV-Ray. If you want to precisely adjust camera location and movement, use this script.

Most creatures shown below were not evolved, but designed for presentation purposes.

A creature made of sticks, each is specialized in some function. You can see three receptors – touch, smell, equilibrium, and a red muscle.

Underwater creature seeking energy.

Hunt: a creature trying to catch and kill the other one.

Can you believe you can build framsticks from blocks?

Some framsticks still live on their ancient planet... Video, 920 frames 512x384 (38 seconds)

Build a framstick from chestnuts and matches! Video, 640x480 (113 seconds)

Framsticks graveyard

Wookie framstick :-)

Creatures are made of sticks (limbs). Muscles (red) are controlled by a neural network, which makes them bend and rotate.

Sticks can be specialized for various purposes: assimilation (green), strength (thickness), ingestion (small yellow spots) etc. The energy ball on the right is ingested faster because of the specialized stick ending.

Creatures may have different receptors. The creature shown has a sense of touch (on the top) and a sense of equilibrium (glass-like cell).

Water and ground environment. Two creatures: standing and swimming.

The previous scene from the swimmer underwater viewpoint.

A small creature ("Antelope") attacking another, big one ("Spider").

After the collision: "Spider" broken apart into pieces. "Antelope" consumes energy from the dead body.

A creature moved by the user with a "robot hand" (the user influences artificial world).

As above, but different environment.

"Simple little swimmer" under water.

Three "Jellyfish" under water.

Two creatures ("Quadruped" and "Lizard") running to the swimming pool.

Bird-like creature on a hill.

A creature with differently specialized sticks. A touch receptor can be seen.