Early movies 

These are the first movies we generated, beginning from March 1997 (the Framsticks project started in autumn 1996). They are here to remind about Framsticks genesis...

You can render your own scenes, animations and movies using POV-Ray. If you want to precisely adjust camera location and movement, use this script.

Sample creature – mechanical model capabilities.

Movie (duration 0:28): 261 kB.

Genotype-described creature, pushed up from under-surface position; moves controlled by a neuron net (but control influence cannot be seen here).

Movie (duration 0:03): 114 kB.

As above; smaller damping coefficient.

Movie (duration 0:25): 337 kB.

This creature has a muscle connected to a gyroscope. Changes of location of the stick with gyroscope affect its movement! Play this movie in loop.

Movie (duration 0:01): 65 kB.

Similar to the previous one, but more sticks responding to gyroscope signals.

Movie (duration 0:30): 538 kB.

The first mutation to amaze everybody! One of our test creatures can be seen in the foreground. It could only crawl on the ground (no suitable coordination). A random mutation has changed one weight value in its neural network. It turned out that it could jump! It really does want to move forward, but hopelessly. Its sticks have no friction. If only it could push back from the ground...

Movie (duration 0:39): 482 kB.

There is friction – I can push back!

Movie (duration 0:19): 375 kB.

Another primitive creature – two neurons controlling muscles, one receptor (gyroscope). It tries to stand up with great effort...

Movie (duration 0:19): 489 kB.

Bound... Collision detection example (non-destructive)

Movie (duration 0:08): 176 kB.