Release notes 
The what's new list is available.

Files and file types

All of the Framsticks data files are text files, so you can view and edit them with any text viewer/editor (notepad, wordpad, type, more, vi, pico). However, manual modification of most of these files is not recommended and should not be needed. The following files are used:

Type Contents Location
GEN genotypes any
SIM settings for the given experiment definition any
EXPT combination of SIM and GEN contents (a "snapshot" of some experimentation moment) any
EXPDEF scripts which define experiment definitions "scripts" subdirectory
NEURO scripts which define custom neurons "scripts" subdirectory
SCRIPT any user-defined scripts "scripts" subdirectory
STYLE scripts which define visual styles for OpenGL graphics "3dobj" subdirectory

The detailed technical documentation of file and data formats used in Framsticks is available here.

Sample files provided

  • 'f-x.sim' describes more sophisticated world and more complex simulation rules (not intended for evolution – just to play with Framsticks and enjoy simulation).
  • 'manual.sim' is good for testing (creatures do not die etc.).
  • 'speed.sim' is good for velocity-oriented evolution on the ground.
  • 'swim.sim' is good for velocity-oriented evolution in water.
  • 'demo-chase.sim' is a setup where creatures try to chase each other and eat food. Use with 'demo-chase.gen'.

Release notes

'W' and 'w' (weight) modifiers work under water only.

Reporting bugs

Please report any bugs to support at When reporting bugs, be sure to mention these things:

  • the name and version of the Framsticks program which causes problems,
  • operating system you are running,
  • if the bug is repeatable, and under what conditions? Try to find the simplest sequence of steps to reproduce the problem (the minimal example) using CLI if possible,
  • parameters of the simulator when the error occurs,
  • attach files pertinent to reproducing the bug, like settings, genotypes, and your own scripts,
  • enclose the "messages.out" file, if some errors are listed there.