OpenGL visualization 

OpenGL is an industrial standard for 3D graphics (see It is becoming more and more popular; the development of new 3D graphics accelerators and faster processors available for everyone makes it an important and useful standard.

Framsticks OpenGL gives a very impressive three-dimensional view of the virtual world and body structures of the creatures. Creatures' sticks are displayed as solid cylinders with textures, and all objects are shaded.

Download the trialware Framsticks Theater (for Windows, macOS and Linux) to see real time, 3D OpenGL view of various simulations.

For most advanced OpenGL graphics (advanced users only), see 3D client.

Some OpenGL styles

(advanced users can create their own styles!)

(default Framsticks visual style)


(a round arena)


(football players and balls)


(description here)


(is there anything more beautiful
than infinite space?)


(biochemical laboratory)


(no one can be told
what the matrix is.
You have to see it for yourself...)