Development of JAVA visual editor of stick creatures 
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This thread is to discuss the development of JAVA visual
editor of stick bodies and NN brains for Framsticks.
Here are the initial requirements; feel free to add your
ideas and comments.

The idea is to support users with a user-friendly editor of
any stick objects and linked neural networks (body & brain).
It should output the f0 genotype for the designed creature.
Here is my initial wish list:

- drag-and-drop design of body
- drag-and-drop design of brain
- zoom/pan/rotate of the body; autozoom
- zoom/pan of brain; autozoom
- easy to modify list of properties of sticks and neurons
(possibly via an external text file)
- statistics of the designed model (number of parts etc.)
- right-click shows properties
- TAB circulates through objects, like in another object-based
- validation of objects (warnings when unconnected neurons,
sticks, reduntant muscles, etc.)

The source should be modular and reusable, as possible.
Some parts may be inspired by Framsticks C++ source.

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Dear developers and users of Framsticks,

The development of Fred (FRamsticks EDitor) has started.
It will allow for visual design of f0-described creatures.
It will be a standalone JAVA application (maybe also a simple
applet viewer), perhaps with an option to call
an external program or server to evaluate the designed

Your wishes as to Fred are welcome. I know there are
many issues which can be easily overlooked, so please
don't hesitate to post your ideas.

Note that there is a 'mature' version of SDK available,
suitable for Framsticks v2 (to be released within a month).
Fred will use f0 as defined in this SDK. Links to Fred
development will be soon accessible from