FRED - Framsticks Visual Editor 

2.II.2002 Site has been updated. All documents produced since October are available in docs section. Four developers joined the team at the beginning of January the 2002. They will start work after winter break.

Functional requirements cooming soon. We are after two meetings and the documents are on their way.

User problems and visions are now available in docs section.

The very draft version of first functional requirements is available in docs section. As for now it is only in Polish.

Currently we have been working on user problems and visions. They will be available very soon.

Most important events:
  • 30.I.2002 - Summary of requirements specification and planning phase presentation
  • 8-23.I.2002 - Risk analysis (risk mitigation, monitoring and management plan). Discussions on software development plan.
  • 18.I.2002 - Team expanded with group of four 3'rd year developers.
  • 6-24.XII.2001 - next meetings, during this time we've been working on functional and non-functional requirements, user interface specification and risk analysis
  • 6.XII.2001 - Introductory presentation of the project for 3'rd year students
  • 14.XI.2001 - 4th meeting - obtaining Functional Requirements II (FAST)
  • 06.XI.2001 - 3rd meeting - obtaining Functional Requirements I (FAST)
  • 02.XI.2001 - User problems and visions are ready
  • 27.X.2001 - FRED homepage established
  • 23.X.2001 - 2nd meeting
  • 22.X.2001 - IPP is finished
  • 19.X.2001 - IPD is finished
  • 16.X.2001 - Starting meeting