Framsticks: Creating and Understanding Complexity of Life 
TitleFramsticks: Creating and Understanding Complexity of Life
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsKomosinski, M, Ulatowski, S
EditorKomosinski, M, Adamatzky, A
Book TitleArtificial Life Models in Software
CityNew York

This chapter describes Framsticks, a three-dimensional life simulation project. Both mechanical structures ("bodies") and control systems ("brains") of creatures are modeled. It is possible to design various kinds of experiments in this environment, including simple optimization (by evolutionary algorithms), coevolution, open-ended and spontaneous evolution, distinct gene pools and populations, diverse genotype-phenotype mappings, and modeling of species and ecosystems. Framsticks is employed in evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, neural networks, biology, robotics and simulation, cognitive science, neuroscience, medicine, philosophy, virtual reality, graphics, and art. It is a versatile tool for research and education.