User Interface – archaic Amiga version 
Windows: Genotype Information , World , Parameters
About OpenGL support.

The main window

upper-left corner:

'Stop/Play' – starts and stops the simulation
'Step >' – one simulation step in the frame above you can see number of steps and the current speed

on the right side:

Display 100% /2 /3 /5 /10 /50 /300
– is the graphics display refresh rate, 100% means the picture is drawn each simulation step (very smooth animation). select bigger values for faster simulation.

Tiny buttons let you turn on/off other interface parts:
L – Genotypes & creatures list
M – Simulator messages
I – Genotype information window
W – World display
P – Simulator parameters
S – Stats
A – 'Transfer' Animation
O – OpenGL display

There are 2 lists in the middle of the window: Genotypes (on the left) & Creatures (on the right)

You can place a creature in the world by dragging a genotype from first list to the second one. Moving in the opposite direction kills the creature and updates genotype peformance information. You can also delete genotypes and creatures with the 'Del' key.

Both lists allow you to select attributes – press RMB for menu. You can also sort a list – press LMB on the column title.

Double clicking on the list opens 'genotype information window' and shows genotype details.


The most important functions are 'Open' and 'Save as'. Genotypes files should end with '.gen' If the 'with Params' option is active, the current simulator parameters are also written to the file. 'Clear' deletes all entries in the genotypes list. 'Clear performance' sets genotypes' population sizes to 0 (such operation marks genotypes performance information as invalid, and should be done after the simulator environment or rules have been changed). You can also invoke these functions using the toolbar on the left.