Evolution for speed parameters 

Hello, I am trying to use evolution to increase my frams velocity and food finding skills.

I have adjusted the parameters so that life span and velocity are set to 1. Sadly, this does not seem to be working and the creatures lose both their speed and food finding skills, so if anyone can help I would appreciate it, thanks.

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If the creatures lose their skills (i.e., better ones are replaced by worse ones), then the selection method is responsible for this. Assuming that performance is measured correctly and the fitness formula reflects your goal, you may need to adjust positive and negative selection to ensure that evolution progresses in the direction you want.

Okay I will try that, thanks for the help.

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It would also be good to ensure that fitness is what you want, i.e. evaluate various creatures and see if the fitness value reflects your goal. And pay attention to aggregation of lifespan and velocity, as these are two differing quantities.