Muscles and planes in f1 

When I used rr for normal plane of bending before bending muscle ([|-1:180]), in the body preview the square was rotated by 90 degrees, but in the world the muscle was bended without previous rotation in plane (rr was deleted?)


Szymon Ulatowski's picture

It seems that "rr" does not apply to the muscles on the segment immediately after the modifier.
Consider this simple "Y" with a bending leg:


We expect that placing "rr" before the last X should rotate the bending axis, especially that the muscle symbol in the structure viewer rotates as we add r's:


...but in fact it will not work that way; it will still bend "left-right" instead of "up-down". In this case the muscle simply works as if it was attached to the previous X, so if we want to rotate it, we must place "rr" before XX:


Note that the "rr" in the second example was not ignored/deleted: it only influenced the last X, which had no visible effect in this case (but would be more noticeable if there was some structure after the X).

This behavior is more a feature than a bug, but the discrepancy between the structure display and the real muscle axis is definitely a bug. Thanks for drawing our attention to this issue!