Adding noise to neurons 

I'm looking at adding a small amount of noise to the inputs of the touch and gyro neurons, as well as the output of the bend and rotation muscles.

I know that I could just place a noisy neuron in front/behind these neurons, but it might not work the same once a mutation operation is performed. And it is important that everyone of these neurons have noisy input/output.

Is the code available for these 4 neurons? I so, it would be simple for me to add the noise directly and there would be no risk from mutation. There are some .neuro files in /scripts/ but not for these 4.

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These sensors and receptors are implemented in C++, and there are no corresponding script sources for them. You could...

  1. theoretically, write script-based G,T,@,| (or similar) neurons - ambitious but possible,
  2. use the "random init state" option for neurons - which does something related, but a bit different,
  3. use the f0 genetic encoding, which gives you fine control over mutation - you can mark selected elements (parts, joins, neurons, neural connections) so that they are not modified or deleted during mutation,
  4. expect a global "neural noise" option in the next version released in a few days, as long as you specify your needs... would disturbing all neural outputs or inputs be fine?

That would most definitely be fine!
I was thinking about something pretty simple like Gaussian noise... what were you guys planning to do?
Wow, that's really great.

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Download version 3.1 and try out the "Gaussian noise" option.