>100 food items? 

Hey guys is there an easy way of creating more than 100 food items? I'm working with some larger populations right now and need it. How would you do it? Create another population? Or is there a setting somewhere that can just be changed?

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I guess you mean the limit of 100 food items imposed by standard_props.inc that is included by standard.expdef.

There is no important reason why it is set to 100 and not 1000, it was just our guess on what the number of food items is reasonable in typical cases. You can change it in the file or, better, create your own copy of standard_props.inc under a different name, so it won't be overwritten by the next versions of Framsticks.

name:Automatic feeding
type:d 0 100 <== HERE
help:Number of energy pieces in the world

Perfect! Thanks, I was hoping there was a simple solution like that.