Running the Framsticks GUI on Linux with wine 

Hello from Brasil!

I have a Linux Debian Etch and wine, a very helpfull program used to run windows software "as if" it was running in windows. I really use it normally to run Dreamweaver MX, perffectlly.

Actually I installed Framsticks GUI with that and was 100% well.

When I runned the .exe, the program didn't work asking for three specific dlls: OPENGL32.DLL, GLU32.DLL and SSGV.DLL.

The wine platform has a directory structure like windows has, beginning at dirve_c/ and has normally then windows/system32/*.dlls.

The opengl32.dll was already there, the glu32.dll I googled and got it to the system32 folder and when I tested, the exe didn't more asked for it. And the ssgv.dll nor google knows.

Someone here had done what I'm trying to do, with success?

Why don't you make a Linux version? It would help to popularize the project.

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The ssgv.dll file can be found in zipped distributions here:

Regarding linux GUI... actually, there is one QT-based GUI that is used since the beginnings of Framsticks, but it is mainly for testing purposes, not really user-friendly. However, I believe it will be beneficial to make it available for everyone so... stay tuned this week!

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the linux GUI has been added to this package:
but beware - it is really crude and not very useful in its current stage :-P
hint: first, go to the user interface options and select a visual style to enable the world display (otherwise it is all blank).

See this screenshot:

Though I putted all the tree dlls in \windows32, the Framsticks.exe yet called SSGV.DLL and OPENGL.DLL with fail. I tried to change the windows versions to run on for Framsticks.exe, without change. As wine is not so top for all, I think is because the wine.
It's ok, by now I'll find out how's the young linux gui version.
See ya monk's.

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The SSGV.DLL should be in the Framsticks directory, if this makes any difference.

Is your problem related to Framsticks.exe not finding DLL's, or rather wine unable to support specific windows-based software?

Yes, the SSGV.DLL is in the Framstick directory.
As wine is yet under development, sure it's about wine unability or mis-configuration .
I'm here with the Linux GUI open. hahah I don't know what to do, my intent is to begin with Framsticks and experiment the possibilities of "artificial life and evolution", and all the cool stuff of designing bodies and programming brains and neurons.
I think I must download some .expt experiment and read more documentation.

Good news.
I updated wine from the Debian Lenny repository and simply Framsticks (win version) is now working fine (on linux). The wine version is 1.0.0-1.
Thanks a lot friends! Now yes I'll really try it.