Documentation for genotype encodings in development 


I recently discovered the new development version of Framsticks and gave it a try. I'm particularly interested in the new genotype encoding f3 (and f2), but unfortunately there seems not to be any documentation anywhere, at least I was unable to find it. Maybe someone can help me find any information?

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Developmental versions contain some features that are... well, in development :-) They are not documented and will not be included in the "Stable" release until they are thoroughly tested, improved, revised, studied, and published, which takes years...

Regarding f2 and f3, there is an extremely scant information in Polish here:

Thank you for your reply! Feeding the Polish description into Google translator gives me an idea about how it works. I've seen this start-codon/stop-codon approach before and it sounds very interesting. I'll play with it some more and hope to find out more details :)

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In a number of intensive comparative experiments, f3 displayed slower convergence than other genetic encodings, which is not surprising at all. Moreover, it inherits restrictions of f2, as in the current approach, the conversion path is f3→f2→f0. Devising and improving genetic representations and operators is a never-ending process...