FRED - Framsticks Editor 

Initial Project Plan

Project symbol: FRED
Project title: Visual Framsticks Editor
Project description:

1. Project lifecycle

  1. Description of the Student Project
  2. Initial Project Plan
  3. User stories
  4. Software requirements
  5. Project presentation
  6. Conceptual design
  7. Risk factors
  8. Exploration report
  9. Release 1 (two increments)
  10. Release 2 (two increments)

2. Project organization

Role (Person) Responsibility
SDS Supervisor
(J. Nawrocki)
Preparing document templates. Resolving high level problems. Coordinating the work of area managers.
Area Manager
(B. Walter?)
Coordinating the work of 4-6 projects. Progress tracking. Resolving external problems at the project level. Evaluating the work of students involved in the projects.
Project Supervisor (>= Ph. D.) Taking care of 3rd-year students. Accepting the scope of the project. Accepting the work of 3rd-year students. Evaluating their B.Eng. thesis.
Laboratory Supervisor (>= M.Eng.) Tracking progress of 3rd-year students. Evaluating their work at laboratory classes. Opening and closing the laboratory room.
Client representative (?) Providing the domain knowledge. Working with analysts on the software requirements. Participating in inspections and FAST meetings. Participating in Planning Games at the beginning of each release and increment. Creating (with validation manager) acceptance tests. Evaluating the project outcome.
Chief Analyst (4th year) Writing (with help of the customer representative) user stories and software requirements specification. During FAST meetings taking on the role of recorder. Creating, with participation of other team members, conceptual design. Preparing presentation for 3rd-year students.
Project Manager (4th year)) Preparing project plans. Managing risk. Writing exploration report. Progress tracking. Collecting project and product measures. Writing progress reports and sending them to the area managers and other interested parties. Team building. Creating baselines for each increment and release.
Meeting Facilitator (5th year) Preparing meeting agenda. Obtaining consensus on meeting date, time, and place. Notifying attendees on the meeting place and time. Running the meeting. Coordinating the work of recorder. Telling area manager about any problems concerning the inspection or FAST meetings. Passing improvement proposals to the area manager.
Verification Manager (5th year) Acting as a reviewer in all inspection meetings. Creating, with help of customer representative, acceptance tests. Organizing sessions of acceptance testing with participation of the customer representative. Passing improvement proposals to the area manager. Participating in all inspection and FAST meetings.
Developer 1-4 (3rd year) Designing, coding, testing, integrating, writing documentation.

3. Initial Project Schedule

9,10.X Initial assignment of students to projects
16.X Kick-off meetings
23,24.X Inspection of Project Descriptions and Initial Project Plans. User Stories (FAST)
30,31.X Inspection of User Stories
6,7.XI Functional Requirements I (FAST)
13,14.XI Functional Requirements II (FAST)
20,21.XI Nonfunctional Requirements (FAST)
27,28.XI Inspection of Software Requirements Specification
4.XII Project Presentations - Rehersal
5.XII Project Presentations (15' per project). Organizer: B.Walter
11,12.XII Conceptual Design (FAST)
18,19.XII Inspection of Conceptual Design
8,9.I Risk Analysis and Exploration Plan (FAST)
16,17.I Inspection of Risk Analysis and Exploration Plan
23,24.I at discretion of project managers
30,31.I Inspections of Exploration Reports
19-22.II Rational Suite Workshop (3rd year)
26,27.II Planning Game for Increment I.1
26,27.III Acceptance Tests for Increment I.1 and Planning Game for I.2
23,24.IV Acceptance Tests for Release I and Planning Game for Increment II.1
21,22.V Acceptance Tests for Increment II.1 and Planning Game for II.2
18,19.VI Acceptance Tests for Release II

Important remark:
Most of the tasks planned for the summer semester (starting at February 2002) are likely to be delayed for about one month after given dates.
Possible reason: Developers having not all exams passed yet
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