Multi-agent simulation of benthic foraminifera response to annual variability of feeding fluxes 
TitleMulti-agent simulation of benthic foraminifera response to annual variability of feeding fluxes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsKomosinski, M, Mensfelt, A, Tyszka, J, Goleń, J
JournalJournal of Computational Science

In this work we describe a novel simulation model of foraminifera and their microhabitat. The simulations reported here are focused on the response of foraminiferal populations to environmental feeding fluxes. The experiments allowed to calibrate the model and to simulate realistic population patterns known from culture experiments, as well as from oceanographic and paleoecologic studies. Variability of annual food flux has a direct impact on productivity of foraminifera: population sizes closely follow the intensity of constant and seasonal food fluxes in both scenarios. This correlation between the food influx and population size is interpreted as the consequence of changing the carrying capacity of the system. Seasonal pulses of particulate organic matter enhance the population size which is represented by a higher number of fossilized shells. Our model offers a flexible experimental design to run sophisticated in silico experiments. This approach reveals a novel methodology for testing sensitivity of fossil and recent foraminiferal assemblages to environmental changes. Furthermore, it facilitates predictive applications for monitoring studies based on simulation of various scenarios.