Framsticks GUI shareware registration 
Framsticks Windows Graphical User Interface (FGUI) is shareware: if you use it, you should register it. Registration is valid for all 3.x FGUI versions.

Single-user standard registration: U.S. $35 (or $25 for educational license).

  • you will get a personal registration code,
  • your name will appear in the 'register' window,
  • you will be able to use standard OpenGL graphics style for the real-time 3D-rendered display,
  • as a bonus, you will also get the Framsticks Theater registration!

If you would like to use all FGUI features, register a full version for $49! (or $35 for educational license). You will be able to use all additional features:

  • all OpenGL graphics styles for the real-time 3D-rendered display,
  • 3D scenes export from the virtual world, to render realistic photos and movies using external programs including POV-Ray,
  • world OpenGL view export as image bitmap files,
  • advanced users will be able to design their own graphical styles with their own textures, visualization rules, etc.

Read Framsticks license agreement. By installing Framsticks you agree with the terms of this agreement.

We are in the process of reorganizing purchases now, and a new way of ordering licenses will be announced soon.

Contact us if you need a multi-user, site, or world license (commercial or academic).