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"TO DO" list for FRED

Reported by: Maciej Komosinski Owned by: Maciej Komosinski
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This ticket contains general remarks and suggestions regarding development of FRED.

Fred 2.0 sources are divided into three packages. The source tends to be complicated, inefficient and obfuscated, so it should rather be rewritten than simplified and optimized. This can be also done step by step. Be prepared for many duplicated parts of code... Some of them were already rewritten and improved. You can safely ignore comments in Polish which occasionally appear in the source.

  • fix perspective in 3d view (fred.Tazo, fred.Neuro)
  • add scaling after sorting (fred.Neuro, fred.Symbol, fred.Names)
  • add animating for all neurons in Neuro.class
  • add editing and <CTRL>+<SHIFT> support in Neuro.class
  • add context menu to list and table in downloading from database window (fred.URLGens)
  • add selecting elements in model properties window (fred.Model)
  • add selecting elements in editor window (fred.F0Editor)
  • add deselecting buttons when a function cannot be used (fred.BrainFrame?, fred.BodyFrame?)
  • add instant refresh of all visible strings when changing language in language window (fred.MainFrame?)
  • add copy/cut/paste support in all windows (fred.Model, fred.BrainFrame?, fred.BodyFrame?, fred.Messages(only copy))
  • add context menus to all windows (fred.Model, fred.BrainFrame?, fred.BodyFrame?, fred.Messages)
  • add clearing support in messages window (fred.Messages)
  • speedup downloading from database/check why it works so slowly (fred.URLGens)
  • add format converters support to Fred (fred.MainFrame?)
  • (?) correct error shown - LoadWindow? in Browser
  • fully visualize mapping (selection) in creature-model-f0genotype (elements-rows-lines)
  • visualize signal flow in NN brain window ("animation" mode)
  • loading is unexpectedly slow (see for example 'other.gen')
  • f0 editor: error messages not cleared, old messages remain even if the genotype is valid or new
  • some program texts not translated (e.g. f0 editor window, tooltips).
  • why is 'free memory' decreasing when nothing is being done? check memory management
  • add a few predefined models in Fred (menu Load->Sample model->1, 2, 3)
  • and FEC DB - change the meaning of tags (uniform notation, like float numbers FRED_F_Speed, strings FRED_S_Name, etc.)
  • the rarely used m: properties in f0 genotype should be preserved by fred, not just ignored
  • the rarely used # line comments in f0 genotype should be preserved by fred, not just ignored
  • in the 3D NN view, the scene rotation might be activated, and then the background texture needs to be put on a 3D underlying box
  • messages window and messages: shown only those which concern the current model - no outdated messages
  • make adding/connecting neurons aware of their preferences and abilities (defined in model.def)
  • update zoom correctly after the NN view type is changed
  • snap to grid
  • add some fred capabilities to favi
  • improve functionality of NN view, add tooltips, neuron descriptions etc.
  • convert all 3D .ac neuron models (available in Framsticks) into .3ds for Fred
  • other ideas to make Fred more user-friendly

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