05/21/23 23:16:51 (11 months ago)
Maciej Komosinski

Multiple issues fixed when calculating bending range for the '|' bending muscle (earlier it was always 1.0 despite the code that supposedly calculated this)

1 edited


  • cpp/frams/genetics/f4/f4_general.h

    r1239 r1249  
    181181         * Adjusts properties of stick objects.
    182182         */
    183         void  adjustRec();
    185         int        nr;                 ///<number of cell (seems to be used only in old f1 converter for neuron connections)
     183        void  adjustRecur();
     185        int        nr;                 ///<number of cell (seems to be used only in the approximate f1 converter for neuron connections)
    186186        int        type;               ///<type
    187187        f4_Cell *dadlink;              ///<pointer to cell parent
    192192        f4_Node *old_gcur;             ///<used externally by f4_Cells::oneStep() to track changes of gcur, i.e., to detect progress in cell development
    193193        repeat_stack repeat;           ///<stack holding repetition nodes and counters
    194         int recProcessedFlag;          ///<used during recursive traverse
     194        bool recurProcessedFlag;       ///<used during recursive traverse
    195195        MultiRange genoRange;          ///<remember the genotype codes affecting this cell so far
    197197        GeneProps    P;                ///<properties
    198198        int          anglepos;         ///<number of position within dad's children (,)
    199         int          childcount;       ///<number of children
     199        int          stickchildcount;  ///<number of children (sticks only)
    200200        int          commacount;       ///<number of postitions at lastend (>=childcount)
    201201        double       rolling;          ///<rolling angle ('R') (around x)
    203203        double       zrot;             ///<horizontal rotation angle due to branching (around z)
    205         double       mz;               ///<freedom in z
    206205        int          p2_refno;         ///<the number of the last end part object, used in f0
    207206        int          joint_refno;      ///<the number of the joint object, used in f0
    208207        int          neuro_refno;      ///<the number of the neuro object, used in f0
    210         double       inertia;          ///<inertia of neuron
    211         double       force;            ///<force of neuron
    212         double       sigmo;            ///<sigmoid of neuron
     209        double       inertia;          ///<inertia of neuron N
     210        double       force;            ///<force of neuron N
     211        double       sigmo;            ///<sigmoid of neuron N
    213212        f4_CellConn *conns[F4_MAX_CELL_INPUTS]; ///<array of neuron connections
    214213        int          conns_count;      ///<number of connections
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