13:38 Changeset [85] by psniegowski
HIGHLIGHTS: * upgrade to Java 7 * use try-multi-catch clauses * use try-with-resources were appropriate * configure FindBugs? (use mvn site and then navigate in browser to the report) * remove most bugs found * parametrize Dispatching environment (Dispatcher, RunAt?) to enforce more control on the place of closures actual call CHANGELOG: Rework FavouritesXMLFactory. FindBugs?. Thread start. FindBugs?. Minor change. FindBugs?. Iterate over entrySet. FindBugs?. Various. FindBug?. FindBug?. Encoding. FindBug?. Final fields. FindBug?. Remove synchronization bug in ClientConnection?. Experiments with findbugs. Finish parametrization. Make RunAt? an abstract class. More changes in parametrization. More changes in parametrizing dispatching. Several changes to parametrize tasks. Rename Runnable to RunAt?. Add specific framsticks Runnable. Add JSR305 (annotations). Add findbugs reporting. More improvements to ParamBuilder? wording. Make FramsClass? accept also ParamBuilder?. Change wording of ParamBuilder?. Change wording of Request creation. Use Java 7 exception catch syntax. Add ScopeEnd? class. Upgrade to Java 7.


21:51 Changeset [84] by psniegowski
HIGHLIGHTS: * simplification of entities management model * cleanup around params (improve hierarchy) * migrate from JUnit to TestNG * introduce FEST to automatically test GUI * improve slider control * loosen synchronization between gui tree and backend representation * and many other bug fixes NOTICE: * a great many of lines is changed only because of substituting spaces with tabs CHANGELOG (oldest changes at the bottom): Some cleaning after fix found. Fix bug with tree. More changes with TreeNodes?. Finally fix issue with tree. Improve gui tree management. Decouple update of values from fetch request in gui. Minor changes. Minor changes. Minor change. Change Path construction wording. More fixes to SliderControl?. Fix SliderControl?. Fix SliderControl?. Minor improvement. Several changes. Make NumberParam? a generic class. Add robot to the gui test. Setup common testing logging configuration. Remove Parameters class. Remove entityOwner from Parameters. Move name out from Parameters class. Move configuration to after the construction. Simplify observers and endpoints. Remove superfluous configureEntity overrides. Add dependency on fest-swing-testng. Use FEST for final print test. Use FEST for more concise and readable assertions. Divide test of F0Parser into multiple methods. Migrate to TestNG Minor change. Change convention from LOGGER to log. Fix reporting of errors during controls filling. Bound maximal height of SliderControl?. Minor improvements. Improve tooltips for controls. Also use Delimeted in more places. Move static control utilities to Gui. Rename package gui.components to controls. Some cleaning in controls. Improve Param classes placing. Move ValueParam?, PrimitiveParam? and CompositeParam? one package up. Improve ParamBuilder?. Move getDef to ValueParam? and PrimitiveParam?. Move getMax and getDef to ValueParam?. Move getMin to ValueParam?. Upgrade to laters apache commons versions. Use filterInstanceof extensively. Add instanceof filters. Make ValueParam? in many places of Param. Place assertions about ValueParam?. Add ValueParam? Rename ValueParam? to PrimitiveParam? Minor changes. Several improvements to params types. Add NumberParam?. Add TextControl? component. Add .swp files to .gitignore Greatly improved slider component. Some improvements. Make Param.reassign return also a state. Add IterableIterator?. Several changes. * Move util classes to better packages. * Remove warnings from eclim. Several improvements. Fix bug with BooleanParam?. Some experiments with visualization. Another fix to panel management. Improve panel management. Some refactorization around panels. Add root class for panel.
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