20:50 Ticket #19 (f8: invalid memory access) closed by Maciej Komosinski
20:43 Ticket #29 (f8: genotypes with no productions should be considered incorrect) created by Maciej Komosinski
In the f8 grammar, empty 'productions' set should not be accepted.
20:40 Ticket #28 (f8: parser too tolerant) created by Maciej Komosinski
Why this is considered correct; it should not: […]
20:36 Ticket #27 (f8: crashes for this genotype) created by Maciej Komosinski
Note that for n0<3 it works OK. […]
20:35 Ticket #26 (f8: such genotypes should never emerge in evolution) created by Maciej Komosinski
Discover how this genotype could be created: 8 3 n2=0 --- P0 …
20:33 Ticket #25 (f8: change mutations that add parentheses) created by Maciej Komosinski
One mutation type instead of two, ( and ). When it occurs, it should …
20:30 Ticket #16 (f8: resource leaks) closed by Maciej Komosinski
20:23 Changeset [32] by Maciej Komosinski
safer parsing and freeing memory


23:45 Changeset [31] by Maciej Komosinski
mutated connection weights are unlimited (previously the range was -10..10) and another approach to allowed ranges of mutated values (was: absorb, now: reflect)
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