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(edit) @732   2 years Maciej Komosinski Added support for "checkpoints" (intermediate phases of development of …
(edit) @612   3 years Maciej Komosinski Updated after field rename
(edit) @606   3 years Maciej Komosinski Code formatting
(edit) @605   3 years Maciej Komosinski - Added 'fixedZaxis' option to paramtab (so that it is accessible from …
(edit) @601   4 years oriona Possibility of fixing z axis during the alignment added.
(edit) @459   4 years sz fixed memory leak in simil_test (when loading invalid genotypes)
(edit) @457   4 years oriona Vectors declaration shortened.
(edit) @455   4 years oriona Malloc/free replaced by new/delete, pointers-to-vectors changed into …
(edit) @451   4 years oriona Unused INit commented out. Command line information updated.
(edit) @391   5 years sz Moved frams/loggers to common/loggers
(edit) @382   5 years sz Moving frams/virtfile to common/virtfile: - file references updated …
(edit) @375   5 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed logging functions to more intuitive and simple names
(edit) @372   5 years sz Renamed some classes and functions to make their purpose more obvious: …
(edit) @361   5 years Maciej Komosinski Signed/unsigned int issues (r352) resolved differently - in most cases …
(edit) @359   5 years Maciej Komosinski Display error/warning messages by default
(edit) @352   5 years oriona comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions fixed
(add) @349   5 years oriona implementation of the similarity measure
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