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Added support for loading multiple .sim files where each can overwrite selected settings

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[1149]1rem To learn about all available options of each .py algorithm below, add "-h" to its parameters.
[1113]2rem Use the source code of the examples as a starting point for your customizations.
3rem Example usage:
[1117]5set DIR_WITH_FRAMS_LIBRARY=............
9rem simple one-criterion evolution
[1117]10python -m evolalg.examples.standard          -path %DIR_WITH_FRAMS_LIBRARY%   -opt numneurons
13rem "chaining" .sim files, subsequent files overwrite selected parameters
14python -m evolalg.examples.standard          -path %DIR_WITH_FRAMS_LIBRARY%   -sim eval-allcriteria.sim;deterministic.sim;sample-period-longest.sim    -opt velocity
17rem hard limit on the number of parts
[1145]18python -m evolalg.examples.niching_novelty   -path %DIR_WITH_FRAMS_LIBRARY%   -opt velocity   -max_numparts 6   -debug
21rem "local" niching
[1145]22python -m evolalg.examples.niching_novelty   -path %DIR_WITH_FRAMS_LIBRARY%   -opt vertpos    -fit knn_niching  -knn 3    -max_numjoints 8 -popsize 10 -generations 30
25rem two criteria, '-dissim ...' can also be used to include dissimilarity as one of the criteria
[1147]26python -m evolalg.examples.multicriteria     -path %DIR_WITH_FRAMS_LIBRARY%   -popsize 40 -generations 10 -opt velocity,vertpos
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