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1// This file is a part of Framsticks SDK.
2// Copyright (C) 1999-2020  Maciej Komosinski and Szymon Ulatowski.
3// See LICENSE.txt for details.
8#include "genman.h"
9#include "defgenoconv.h"
11/** This class handles a typical initialization procedure and configuration of genetics:
12- adds converters between genetic formats as configured by gen-config.h,
13- validation of genotypes by dedicated genetic operators, or by conversion to f0 if no genetic operator is found that can validate a genotype.
15class PreconfiguredGenetics
18        DefaultGenoConvManager gcm;
19        GenMan genman;
20        Geno::Validators validators;
21        ModelGenoValidator model_validator; //validation through conversion
23        PreconfiguredGenetics()
24        {
25                gcm.addDefaultConverters(); //without converters, the application would only handle "format 0" genotypes
26                if (Geno::useConverters(&gcm) != NULL)
27                        logPrintf("PreconfiguredGenetics", "init", LOG_WARN, "Geno converters already configured"); //someone is using multiple PreconfiguredGenetics objects? (or other potentially unsafe configuration)
28                if (Geno::useValidators(&validators) != NULL)
29                        logPrintf("PreconfiguredGenetics", "init", LOG_WARN, "Geno validators already configured");
30                static const char* genactive_classes[] = { "N", "G", "Gpart", "T", "S", "*", "|", "@", "M", NULL };
31                NeuroClass::resetActive();
32                NeuroClass::setGenActive(genactive_classes);
33                validators += &genman; //primary validation: use the extended validity checking (through dedicated genetic operators)
34                validators += &model_validator; //secondary validation: this simple validator handles all cases when there is no dedicated genetic validation operator, but a converter for a particular format is available. Converters may be less strict in detecting invalid genotypes but using them and checking whether they produced a valid f0 genotype is also some way to tell whether the initial genotype was valid. Otherwise, without dedicated genetic validation operator, we would have no validity check at all.
35        }
37        ~PreconfiguredGenetics()
38        {
39                Geno::useConverters(NULL);
40                Geno::useValidators(NULL);
41        }
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