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(edit) @1152   3 years Maciej Komosinski Foraminifera show has now smaller world compared to expdef (and …
(edit) @1100   3 years Maciej Komosinski Cosmetic / minor fixes
(edit) @1098   3 years oriona Paramter controlling output printing added.
(edit) @1097   3 years oriona Calls to deprecated parameters changed.
(edit) @1074   3 years oriona Proper genetic format set.
(edit) @908   4 years Maciej Komosinski Updated for the new way of handling of dictionaries (where null is …
(edit) @847   5 years Maciej Komosinski Code formatting
(edit) @638   8 years sz script updated (moveAbs, size_, pos_, center_)
(edit) @595   8 years oriona Rotation of creatures in z axis changed to random. LocalDrive? usage …
(edit) @592   8 years Maciej Komosinski More meaningful variable names
(edit) @591   8 years Maciej Komosinski Added a comment
(edit) @590   8 years oriona Feed period changed to food flux in grams per square meter per second. …
(edit) @588   8 years oriona Movement of forams in z axis restricted.
(edit) @587   8 years oriona Enhanced nutrient visualization corrected.
(edit) @584   8 years oriona Positions of foraminifera, reticulopodia and nutrients corrected.
(edit) @583   8 years oriona Chamber growth visualization moved to the separate function.
(edit) @582   8 years Maciej Komosinski Added comments and TODOs
(edit) @581   8 years Maciej Komosinski Brighter colors
(edit) @580   8 years oriona Vertical position of enhanced visualization of nutrient lowered.
(edit) @579   8 years oriona Vertical position of foraminifera lowered. Color of body and …
(edit) @570   8 years Maciej Komosinski Improved help message
(edit) @569   8 years oriona Chamber growth visualization time extended. Nutrient energy corrected.
(edit) @568   8 years oriona Used secPerStep values added in help, setPerStep in show set to 50.
(edit) @567   8 years oriona Chamber growth visualization added, [OFFSPRING] message added, refactoring.
(edit) @561   8 years Maciej Komosinski 7% chamber growth instead of 5%; tighter spiral in morphology
(edit) @559   8 years Maciej Komosinski Foram genotype generator can produce genotypes with the last chamber …
(edit) @557   8 years Maciej Komosinski - Fixed extra space after property ID - A function to generate simple …
(edit) @556   8 years oriona Properties descriptions corrected.
(edit) @555   8 years oriona Visual style for enhanced nutrients restored.
(edit) @554   8 years oriona Refactoring, change of foraminifera direction at world boundary added.
(edit) @553   8 years Maciej Komosinski Added visual style for "enhanced nutrients"
(edit) @552   8 years oriona Dir_changed_sec changed from global to ExpProperty?, new divisionCost …
(edit) @525   8 years oriona Adjustment of reticulopodia position for initial forams added.
(edit) @524   8 years oriona Visual style for nutrient added. Help for ExpProperties?.secPerStep added.
(edit) @510   8 years oriona Energy transfer changed for using tranferEnergyTo function. Dilpoid …
(edit) @506   8 years oriona Visual style for reticulopodia created.
(edit) @504   8 years Maciej Komosinski Getting rid of "energy balance" fields
(edit) @502   8 years oriona Reticulopdia movement and energy transfer corrected.
(edit) @496   8 years oriona Haploid and diploid morphologies changed.
(edit) @493   8 years oriona Microns to frams scaling rate changed. New world size, new log files added.
(edit) @488   8 years oriona Reproduction treshold dependent on gene.
(edit) @487   8 years oriona Method for definig new species added.
(edit) @486   8 years sz foraminifera scripts updated to match the upcoming Framsticks version …
(edit) @481   8 years oriona Food seasonality added.
(edit) @479   8 years oriona Parameters calibrated, diversification of initial population added, …
(edit) @476   8 years sz - use arrow syntax (dict->key instead of dictkey?) - use …
(edit) @475   8 years oriona Energy calculated as a volume of the sphere. Energy usage calculated …
(edit) @474   8 years oriona Parameters for time scaling added.
(edit) @470   8 years sz Fixed invalid integer (must fit in 32 bits, use floats otherwise), …
(edit) @450   9 years oriona Reticulopodia color changed to white.
(edit) @447   9 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed scale() to micronsToFrams()
(edit) @445   9 years Maciej Komosinski Added scaling from Framsticks world units to microns
(edit) @444   9 years oriona Visualization of reticulopodia and nutrients added as an option in theater.
(edit) @435   9 years oriona stepToNearest call corrected.
(edit) @434   9 years Maciej Komosinski Increased ExpParams?.maxSteps range; safer stopping condition; theater …
(edit) @433   9 years oriona Removed unused param
(edit) @432   9 years oriona Minor corrections, hibernation gene value changed to 1, param for …
(edit) @431   9 years oriona stopping after defined simulation step number removed
(edit) @430   9 years oriona new reticulopodia range implemented, visualization of reticulopodia
(edit) @429   9 years oriona removed duplicated parameters
(edit) @428   9 years Maciej Komosinski Improved parameter names
(edit) @423   9 years oriona corrected properties definitions, added function for setting show …
(edit) @422   9 years oriona new species added, hibernation added, morphology changed to more …
(edit) @421   9 years oriona refactoring, removed unused params, creatures and food chanfe to …
(edit) @418   9 years oriona invalid index error fixed
(edit) @416   9 years Maciej Komosinski "energ0" has been renamed to "energy0" in v4.3
(edit) @411   9 years Maciej Komosinski Logging enabler line fixed
(copy) @406   9 years Maciej Komosinski Renamed for consistency
copied from experiments/frams/foraminifera/data/scripts/forams_benthic.expdef:
(edit) @405   9 years Maciej Komosinski Fixed typos, prop:name extra space, and formatting
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